The Top You Need in Your Closet: The Ava Top

Hey Girl!

We are so excited to share this post with you!

Our Ava Top has been a long-time best seller of ours, a staff-favorite, and a go-to top for our customers, and guess what?! It’s recently been marked down to $12.50! AND right now, we currently have a sale going on where you can take an additional 50% off ALL SALE ITEMS with code: SAVE50! You can’t beat that.

Our Ava Top is amazing for so many reasons, and we’re here to share a few.

The Ava top is made of an incredibly SOFT cotton, poly, spandex blend. Trust us when we say, you’ll never want to take it off.

Every girl needs a basic white tee in her closet that she absolutely adores, can wear time and time again, and if all else fails, can throw on and go and still feel totally cute.

Our Ava Top is all that and more! It features an adorable high low detailing, the front is a bit shorter than the back. We aren’t kidding when we say it’s incredibly soft and stretchy. You will instantly fall in love and find yourself reaching for it daily.

Our Ava Top can be style in so many ways, dressed up or down, used as a layering piece, or just worn as the star of the show.


Ava Top

Because of the relaxed fit and scoop-neck design of our Ava Top, it can easily and comfortably be worn as an “Off-The-Shoulder” top, for all those casual, yet cute days.

Paired with a Bralette

Ava Top

Because the Ava Top can be worn “off-the-shoulder,” it looks great with a cute bralette underneath! Show off that strappy detail or that feminine lace, in one of our bralettes paired with our Ava Top.


Ava Top

Our Ava Top is designed with a loose, stretchy fit, making it perfect to tie up on the side! This would look super cute with a maxi skirt, high waisted jeans or shorts, or even over your swimsuit! Tie it up for a totally different look!

Dress It Up

Ava Top

We’ve paired our Ava Top with a staff-fav, our High-Low Haley Maxi Skirt, along with a classic, black choker and some black heels; All available from J&J Petite Boutique.

Dress It Down

Ava Top

Because this top is so lightweight and breathable, it’s the perfect top go to yoga in, to take a hike in, or just wear to the grocery store. You will be undeniably comfortable in our Ava Top, while still looking totally adorable.

Bonus, you can wear this basic, white tee all the way into the fall and winter, by adding a jean jacket, a leather jacket, or a cardigan.

You NEED our Ava Top in your closet, so what are you waiting for? Snag this ever-so-versatile piece before it’s gone for good!


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J&J Petite Boutique <3

Meet Our Models: Samantha Gregory

Meet model Samantha Gregory.

Samantha, Sammy, Sam, she’s pretty chill when it comes to what name she goes by, is currently a student at Indiana Wesleyan University and is studying Marketing and Spanish. She actually just finished up her freshmen year.

 As of now she’s not quite sure what she wants to do as far as a job goes, but she plans on following God’s plan for her life.

Sammy just recently started working at McCammon’s Irish Market in Greenwood, IN, which is an outdoor flower shop. “My job is super fun because I’m surrounded with beautiful flowers all day!”

Sam’s loves include listening to music, playing the bass guitar, playing volleyball, and doing basically anything outdoors; oh, and spending time with her adorable cockapoo pup!

One of her favorite places to visit is Hilton Head Island in South Carolina; She’s always considered herself a beachy kind of girl.

That being said, her favorite season is summer for obvious reasons! She loves the heat and all the fun things that come with summertime, oh and did we mention, she loves to be outside?

If Sammy is heading to Starbucks, she’s probably grabbing a double chocolate chip frappuccino! Of course, she’ll take anything with chocolate too!

When asked what 1 item she’d take with her if she was stranded on an island, she said, “Could I bring a boat to an island? Maybe then I could get off of it or at least travel to Europe! ;)” Sammy loves to travel and find new places!

When it comes to fashion, she is a  sucker for ripped jeans and a good pair of booties. Her style is totally casual chic. Sam loves to get all dolled up, but also likes to keep it simple and laid-back, and rock a T-shirt and jeans.

You can be certain to always find Miss Sammy in some type of heel or wedge!

“As a petite girl, I can get away with wearing heels with most of my outfits…I adore my height! You just got to own who you are!”

Samantha’s Petite Styling Tip:

She encourages you to try to find pieces that are made well, with a really good fit. She says, “It’s all about the fit! A good fit can flatter any frame!”

Sam’s Fave Quote:

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” – Proverbs 31:30

Provers 31:30 is an inspirational verse to Sammy because even though she loves fashion and makeup, her relationship with God is still most important to her.

Sam’s Measurements:

Hip: 30″

Waist: 25″

Bust: 32″ C Cup

Inseam: 28″

Height: 5’2″

“My motto for each day is “wake, pray, slay,” because God gives me a purpose and newfound strength each day.”

Spring Trends for 2017 with J&J Petite Boutique

Hello beautiful! Welcome back 🙂
We’re so excited to have you here!
Let’s talk SPRING!
Spring is just around the corner and we are so excited!!
With the arrival of spring, comes the arrival of new trends for this year’s springtime! And we are totally on board with the trends we are seeing for Spring 2017!
Let’s begin, shall we?

“Florals for spring,” never heard that one, eh? While yes, that seems to be a reoccurring trend from year to year, this year it’s all about BIG floral prints, sometimes referred to as “wallpaperesque” floral print! We are obsessed. A good floral top will do you well over and over; but on the other hand, you can never own too many florals! 😉

Strappy Open Back Detailing

We have been completely in love with this trend since day 1, but it just keeps getting cuter and cuter! The strappy cut out back details are so fun, edgy, and different! They add a fun element to any outfit, whether it be the back of your top or dress, or the fun back of your bralette peeking out, to add an extra dash of cuteness to your look! So fun!

Mock Neck

   The ever-so-popular mock neck trend, making its debut in the late 80’s/early 90’s, seems to be all the rage these days; And we can’t say we’re mad about it either! We are in love with the look of basically a “half-turtleneck,” without all the warmth, heaviness, and bulkiness of an actual turtle neck. Making it the perfect winter into spring transitional piece!


The oh-so-popular off-the-shoulder trend is going nowhere, honey! And we are totally okay with that! To add on to an already adorable trend, expect to see off the shoulder + tank straps for this spring, like our  Libby top.

Flirty, Feminine Details

We are completely in LOVE with all the flirty, girly details we are seeing in today’s fashion trends! Expect to see ruffles, scallop detailing, and frills more and more often as we approach the warmer weather! If that’s totally out of your comfort zone, give it a try; you just might surprise yourself!


As if this trend was going anywhere! Of course, the ever-so-popular “cold-shoulder” trend will continue to be IN for this spring!

So whether you’re rocking a mock neck blouse, a strappy cut-out-back dress, or your fav off-the-shoulder top, you’re sure to be in style this spring! 🙂

Blanket Scarf 101 | How to Wear One, 3 Different Ways

Hello Gorgeous & Welcome Back!

Today we’re talking all things blanket scarves! We are totally obsessed with blanket scarves!

Blanket Scarves have become all the rage these last few years, totally a top trend; And the color possibilities are endless!

One thing that’s not so great about blanket scarves though, is the abundance of all the fabric, which is a definite problem for us petites! BUT our blanket scarves are specifically designed with YOU in mind! Our blanket scarves are about half the weight and fabric of most, but still provide all the warmth! Perfect for us petite gals!!

So how do you rock the ever-popular blanket scarf?

Well, the styling possibilities, too, are endless.

The Classic Way: 

A blanket scarf totally makes a statement! Throw one on over any sweater or top, and you’ve got an entire outfit!
You could be wearing the most plain top in the world, and your blanket scarf would totally amp it up!
To tie it the “classic” way:
Grab your scarf and fold it in half to create a triangle, then grab the two ends (one in each hand), hold the scarf up to your neck, cross the two end pieces behind your neck and pull them forward, let them drape in the front on either side of the larger part in the middle.

To rock your blanket scarf for a little extra warmth: 

For this look, we went a little more for warmth than for looks, but it’s still completely cute!

We’ve thrown on our Reagan Black Ski Vest on our model with our blanket scarf wrapped tightly around her neck, to keep her warm! She’s totally warm with the blanket scarf wrapped around her neck, but still super adorable!

She’s rocking black from head to toe, with a pop of color with the blanket scarf!

All you have to do for this style, is throw on your favorite coat or ski vest, zip it up as high as you’d like, and then fill in the open space around your neck with your beautiful blanket scarf, wrapping it around your neck as many times as it’ll go! LOVE!

Purchase the ski vest here: (

Blanket Scarf Wrap:

Oh, hello, gorgeous!

We’re OBSESSED with styling a blanket scarf like this!

Our model is rocking black from head to toe again, with a pop of color with her blanket scarf, only this time her scarf is being worn as wrap.

This has become an ultra-popular style trend lately, and we are totally on board!

It’s simple; Take your blanket scarf, fold it in half to form a triangle, and drape it around your shoulders, and voilà! An adorable wrap accessory!

*Petite Styling Tip* Some blanket scarves are longer than others, especially if you did not purchase it on ;), so if that’s the case, you can belt a thin belt around your waist to synch your blanket scarf wrap around your waist for another look, which will help you not be overwhelmed in all the fabric! AND will be completely adorable!

Purchase our “petite” blanket scarves here:


All About Leggings

Hey Girlfriend!
We are legging OBSESSED, and J&J just so happens to carry the most perfect leggings!
We believe leggings to be an absolute essential for your wardrobe! Leggings can be dressed up or down, thrown on to lounge in, or worn under a dress for a night on the town. They’re the epitome of versatile, and you need to invest in a pair that you absolutely love and that will last you forever.
Here at J&J we carry two pairs of perfect black leggings!
One pair is perfect for everyday and can be worn all-year-round; Our Black Seamless leggings are $22, one-size-fits-most (sizes 0-12) and are insanely comfortable and stretchy. If you love our slimming camis, these leggings are for you! They feature a thick elastic waistband and have a slimming effect as well. They’re made out of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex. Who doesn’t love the effects of spandex? 😉
Our Black Lined Leggings are $24 and will be a staple item in your closet for this autumn and winter season. They’re lined for extra warmth, and you won’t ever have to worry about something showing through them either. These too are one-size-fits-most (sizes 0-12), feature an elastic waistband, and are extremely comfortable. AND warm.
The styling possibilities of leggings are endless. We’ve paired our leggings with some longer tunic tops and sweaters for an adorable, laid-back, comfy kind of look.
BUT if you’re not in the market for some plain black leggings, girl, we’ve got you covered there too!

Our Gray Textured leggings  (which are also one-size-fits-most sizes 0-12) are a customer favorite and are absolutely adorable! We’ve already sold out of these once before, so grab them while you can! You’ll love the super cozy feel of our Gray Textured leggings that sculpt your figure, plus the gorgeous detailing down the sides.

They can totally be worn under a dress, with a sweater, or even as athletic wear too. These leggings are sure to be a showstopper and will add so much fun to any outfit!
We can guarantee that our leggings won’t fade, won’t stretch out, and that they will last you for quite some time.. if not forever. 😉
We just can’t get enough of our leggings.
And we hope you love them just as much as we do! <3

Meet Our Models: Claire René

Meet model Claire René.

Claire began a music degree at Indiana Wesleyan University in the fall of 2015, but quickly discovered it was not the place for her. She soon after enrolled into a Makeup Artistry training course and completed it in January of 2016, with a certification in basic to intermediate Makeup Artistry.

Now Claire works as a Freelance Makeup Artist and has started her own business: Makeup by Claire René, where she does bridal makeup, formal makeup, photo-shoot makeup, and everything else in between.

If you couldn’t tell, Claire LOVES makeup. She’s always enjoyed doing makeup and experimenting with it, since her freshmen year of high school. In her free time, she watches makeup tutorials. Her hobbies include practicing new makeup techniques, trying new products on herself and others, and ordering makeup online. Some may think “wow, she has no life!” but she likes to think she has THE life.

Claire couldn’t be happier about her decision to pursue makeup as her career. She hopes to continue to grow her business and learn Special FX Makeup, and hopefully take her business to a big city.

Claire loves to sing and preform, and has the privilege of being on the worship team at Emmanuel Church. She also loves to spend time with her kitties (who actually are no kitties at all and weigh roughly 18lbs. each), loves shopping, and can’t live without coffee.

She ADORES traveling and hopes to travel the world one day with her videographer boyfriend Camden. A few of her favorite places she’s been to thus far are Colorado and Ireland. She loves all things nature and loves to be outdoors.

 Of course her favorite season is fall, “just like every other basic girl, am I right?”

She’s kind of coffee-obsessed, and her go to Starbucks drink is a Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha made with Coconut Milk and an extra shot.

Claire can’t quite put a name to her style, because she feels like she has a style all her own. She’s a combination of edgy and bohemian, but also rocks a blazer every now and then. Her go to outfit usually consists of some black skinny jeans, with rips of course, something with fringe, and a choker.

She’s obsessed with chokers, and her collection of them is ever-growing, “I probably have at least 20 right now!!”

Claire’s Petite Styling Tip:

“High-waisted jeans are your best friend! They make me look so much taller and even thinner. Also, don’t be afraid of wedges or booties with heels; I literally wear them everyday, even if I’m not that dressy. I throw on some wedges with jeans and a blouse, or heeled booties with jeans a sweater, that way I have a little added length, and you can wear that long, oversized sweater because of the heel.”

Claire’s Fave Quote:

 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10

Claire’s Measurements:

Hip: 34”

Waist: 24”

Bust: 31” A Cup

Inseam: 22”

Height: 5’2”

Meet Our Models: Rachel Casey


Meet model Rachel Casey.

Rachel is currently a senior at Purdue University, where she is studying Law and Society and Forensic Science.  She hopes to work for a large event facility in a big city and work for their security department, in the near future.

Rachel loves to dance, cook, and shop. She’s also a runner and just enjoys fitness in general. She considers herself to be an avid movie watcher as well!

One of her favorite places to visit is Nashville, TN, because Rachel is a huge country music lover. Her favorite season is fall, but who doesn’t love the perfect weather and fall attire?

When Rachel heads to Starbucks you can be sure she’ll be drinking a Cool Lime Refresher, because she adores anything lime flavored. And one thing Rachel can’t live without is her puppy; she’s kind of dog-obsessed.

Rachel describes her personal style as casual, yet girly and cute! She loves the simplicity of dresses and how you can either dress them up or down depending on how you style it.  Throw on a T-shirt dress and sandals for a casual look, or add some wedges to a floral dress for a perfect night out look.

“I love all things striped, and who doesn’t love a good romper to wear out with your friends? I’m a short girl (obviously) so I definitely love finding unique wedges to wear when I’m trying to dress up my outfits!”

 Rachel’s Petite Styling Tip: “I’ve noticed that when things are high-waisted, they make my legs look a lot longer. Plus, I always tuck my shirts in because they are 9 times out of 10 waaaay too long. I also think that it is much easier to find dresses that fit us as petite women, as opposed to pants and shirts that are sometimes just not made for shorter girls. Wedges are definitely a short girl’s friend too!”

Although that may be true at most stores, you will never have to worry about whether or not our pants, shirts, dresses will fit you as a petite girl, when shopping with J&J Petite Boutique! 😉

Rachel’s Measurements:

Hip: 30”

Waist: 25”

Bust: 30” A Cup

Inseam: 27”

Height: 5’2”

Petite Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Hello gorgeous!
Today we’re discussing the Do’s and Don’t’s of fashion for the petite woman, which is considered to be 5’4” and under. You’d be surprised how many famous women in Hollywood are actually under 5’4”; it’s just that maybe they dress a certain way that elongates their bodies, creating an illusion of a taller frame, which is the key to being petite.

Here are a few tips and tricks to appear taller, and some things to avoid that actually make you look even shorter than you already are.

Wear one color. One color, especially a dark color, makes it look like you have a taller frame, by creating one single vertical line. Black does wonders.

Do not be afraid to wear V-neck and U-neck tops. Because of the neckline detailing, they elongate the torso, which draws the eyes up, away from your bottom half.

Above is a picture of the adorable Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars in all black from head to toe featuring a deep V neckline, looking gorgeous as ever; you’d never guess she was only 5’2”

High-waisted bottoms are a petite girl’s best friend. They make your legs look miles longer; whether it’s a pair of high-waisted jeans or a skirt that hits you at your belly button. You’ll thank us later. 😉

Above is a picture of Vanessa Hudgens rocking a high-waisted white maxi skirt, which elongated her petite 5’1” frame.

Always wear vertical stripes, never wear thick horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes make you look taller, while thick horizontal stripes trick the eye into thinking you’re wider than you are, thus making you look even shorter.

High heels are also another one of a petite girl’s best friends. For obvious reasons, high heels make you look taller by actually adding some height. Nude heels will make your legs look even longer, because there is less of a break between your leg and your foot. Also, try to avoid heels with ankle straps as this breaks up the length in your legs.

If you aren’t a heel wearer, wear a pointed-toe flat rather than a rounded flat, as the point of the shoe will give the illusion of added length.

Also, if you must add a belt to an outfit, wear a thin belt rather than a chunky belt along the thinnest part of your waist.

Avoid oversized, baggy clothing as this only swallows you up, including too long of tops. The Olsen twins are notorious for doing this, making them look even shorter than they already are.

Try not to wear large prints, and especially don’t wear large prints on the lower half of your body, because loud prints tend to be overwhelming on the petite frame.

Don’t wear super short mini skirts/dresses, as they typically stop at the thickest part of your leg, making your legs look shorter and stubby. Skirts/dresses that are a little above the knee are very flattering for the petite frame.

Cropped pants, which stop a little before your shoes, will break up the length in your legs, making you look short and stubby as well; instead, try wearing pants that either reach your shoes or even touch them.

Bulky jewelry and oversized handbags are a definite no-no for us petite women, because they tend to be overwhelming and take over an entire outfit. We don’t want your outfit to be wearing you, we want you to be wearing the outfit, and rocking it while you’re at it! 😉

So whether you’re 4’11” or 5’4”, there are plenty of ways to rock your petite frame and even create the illusion of being taller.

We hope you found this helpful and learned something new 🙂





Who is J&J Petite Boutique?

Hello beauties & welcome to our J&J Petite Boutique blog.

We’re so excited that you’re here!

So who is J&J Petite Boutique? We’re glad you asked!

J&J Petite Boutique is a new online boutique specializing in trendy, high quality, affordable apparel for petite women. “Petite” is considered to be 5’4” and under in the fashion industry. But don’t worry, if you’re over 5’4” there are also many items on our site that would work for any height, especially our shoes, accessories, and handbags. 
In the United States alone, there are roughly 48.7 million women who are considered to be petite, and yet you rarely hear of businesses who either sell or specialize in petite clothing. J&J is here to change that.

The owners, Jennifer and JoLynda (hence the J&J in the name, who also happen to be petite themselves), decided to open a boutique where other petite women can find clothes specifically for the petite frame, due to years of trying to find clothes that actually fit. 

J&J Petite Boutique is a mix between current fashion trends as well as pieces that reflect the owners’ personal style.  J&J hand-selects apparel and accessories that are a perfect mix of preppy, bohemian, girly, and edgy; So there’s something for every kind of girl.

Here at J&J we look for pieces that can be mixed and matched with other pieces in the online store, creating an endless amount of different looks. Our ultimate goal is to make shopping enjoyable for the millions of petite women that struggle finding clothing that fit and flatter their petite frame, while keeping up with the ever-changing trends. So say goodbye to the days of sacrificing style for a great fit; here at J&J, we believe in both.

Finding the perfect items for J&J takes time, patience, and hard work. We do not just pick something based off of how cute it looks online or in a catalog, but we diligently research the companies and the items based on the quality of the material, the way it would fit, and the need for it in the petite community.  We gather our petite clothing inventory from direct manufacturers which means we are specifically manufacturing our own pieces, plus we are currently working with various wholesale clothing companies who already sell petite sized clothing. That being said, there are some items you will only be able to find here at J&J Petite Boutique, which makes us stand out from all the other boutiques.

So why choose to shop J&J Petite Boutique? J&J Petite Boutique is helping to take the guesswork out of finding clothes that fit and flatter petite women. On our site, there are many items that feature an “extra short” length option, allowing you to feel confident when you click “add to cart” that your new maxi will fit just right.

We hope you love our clothing and accessories as much as we do! Happy Shopping!

P.S. Be sure to join the J&J Petite Community at the bottom of our homepage under “connect” by signing up and gaining access to special promotions, fashion tips, early access to sales, notifications of special events, and so much more.